DeepTide - Open Source Cyber Security EDR

DeepTide has released an open source EDR (endpoint detection & response) cyber security software for Windows called ArcticMyst Security and our website is running a locally hosted Ghost:

The software is free and we also offer a paid threat hunting / log monitoring service.

We literally just went live and are proud to use Ghost to host our site. I added a link back to Ghost on our links page.

Appreciate any feedback on the site.

  • The logo is different from the website itself and the one at the bottom of the team page. Not sure if that is intentional, but I personally like the one on the team page much better.

  • The main page has a big white space. Is that supposed to be blank or is it just not loading correctly?

  • The about page could use some work. Maybe explain a little more about the company and what EDR is. Maybe even combine the about and team page.

  • The contact form could be wider. It looks funky being so narrow. And that different logo is below the contact form.

This all may have been intentional, but it all just looks off to me. All in all it just looks very incomplete.

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Thanks, useful feedback=) Yeah I still need to add more content and I will fix the acronym issue. Regarding the logo I wanted to mix it up and alternate logos on bottom of each page but I understand what you are saying, it is a bit non-standard for sure. Appreciate taking the time to give tips on the page as I am not a front-end design guru=)