Default ghost Images

I’m very new to Ghost and after reading all the tutorials I’m not sure how to replace the default images with my own. I downloaded the free “London” theme: GitHub - TryGhost/London: A free, open source theme for Ghost. Am I overlooking something obvious? Thanks.

Can you be more specific with which images you are trying to replace?

Yes, the images on the front page when you load the ghost site, the waterfall, the man near a cliff, the redheaded woman in the cafe, etc. I used the London theme but regardless of the theme I use, Ghost uses the same default images. I want to be able to replace them and I’m not sure where or how to make that change.

@Erik_F those are the dummy posts created during install to show you some of the features of Ghost, they are nothing to do with themes. Other than reading the posts and using them to explore the editor, the only thing to do with them usually is delete them - you can do that by deleting the “Ghost” user from the Staff screen in the admin.

If you want to keep the dummy posts for some reason then you can change the images by editing the feature image for that post in the admin: