Deleted Ghost Directory Keeps Coming Back (Ubuntu 18.04)

Hi. I’ve located multiple ghost installation on directory /var/www/
I did delete some that i don’t use anymore. But it keeps coming back the next day. I forgot if i directly delete it without using ghost uninstall command first.

The directory owner is root, other normal ghost installation directory own by my non root user.

Any clue how to trace whats recreated the directories?

There is “system/nginx-root” directory inside this deleted directories.

Sounds like letsencrypt might be trying to renew the domain associated with that installation

You’ll need to manually remove the domain from LE. Run sudo /etc/letsencrypt/ --home /etc/letsencrypt --remove -d DOMAIN_NAME


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Great! Thank you for your response. That solved my problem!
I use terminal command : locate directory-name (i named the firectory with directory name). And use rm - rf path-to/directory-name to remove all related directory.