Entire blog deleted

Today the entire contents of …/blog/system/files/* were deleted. (not by me) Anyone else seen this?

I was on the road and received and pingdom alert that the blog was offline. When I got home and checked the server, all files from Ghost directory /var/www/blog/system/files/content/ were deleted.

I checked server last and lastlog as well as system logs and didn’t see any logins to the key-auth only non-standard ssh port.

All other sites on the Nginx powered domain were intact. The install was by the book default Ubuntu 18.04 LTS followed here: https://ghost.org/docs/install/ubuntu/

It worked fine for a month till magically deleted today.

Could it be that Ghost was compromised? Or does it have an auto upgrade feature and maybe I have something setup incorrectly? Other issue? New to Ghost so seeking help.

In a default Ghost install using Ghost-CI there is no /var/www/blog/system/files/content/ folder.

Here’s the docs for the folder structure:

There’s no auto upgrade feature unless you manually wired ghost update to a cron.

Either something about your setup was very weird, or the conclusion of what caused your site to go offline is incorrect.

I just pasted the full path.

In other words the files inside <install-directory>/content/ were completely deleted / missing as per first post.

Normally the install directory is /var/www/ghost. I’m assuming you changed ‘ghost’ to ‘blog’ and that is your install directory?

So if I understand correctly, your site is installed at /var/www/blog and you’re saying that the folder /var/www/blog/content has gone missing.

There’s nothing in Ghost or Ghost-CLI that would delete that folder, no automatic updates or other behaviour and I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.

Fairly certain it’s not a Ghost issue.

Was the folder setup as a normal directory? Not symlinked or mounted from anywhere that could have failed?

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