Deploy theme action

Hi all, thanks in advance for the help on this one. I will try to be as detailed as possible.

Currently I’m working on a custom build on top of the London theme and I would like to get the Deploy Theme Github action to run but it keeps logging the following error. This is after I’ve followed the steps laid out in the Deploy Ghost Theme on the github market place

The staging site is at the following address - and I believe it’s running on a self-hosted version of Ghost hosted over at Digital Ocean.

I would love to get help on this as it would be great for increasing efficiency of my current workflow.

Hey @kierglover :wave:

You need to make sure the URL you’re passing to the action is the same URL listed under your admin integration key. Can you try copying it from the integrations page int your GH secrets and running again?

Hey @vikaspotluri123 :wave:

Thanks so much for the reply, I did try this and double check the secret matched up, sadly still getting the same error as I sent above :cry:

:wave:Hi all, any update or actions I can take on this? Really want to make it part of my Ghost workflow.

Let me know,

Thanks :v: