Difference between Sender email vs Reply-to email

I would like to understand the difference between the Sender email vs Reply-to email for the newsletter.

Settings > Email newsletter > Customize > General settings > Email addresses.

What’s the best practice for setting these emails? When should I use which?

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The sender email is the address you use to deliver newsletters to your subscribers.

The reply-to email is the email address you’d like any replies to your newsletters to go to. They can be the same, or different. It’s a matter of preference. For example, some people wish to use a dedicated support email for the reply-to.

Thanks, Kym. I can edit the sender email but not the reply-to. Is it possible to change the reply-to email?

When I click on the reply-to field to edit, it shows a drop-down with two pre-defined emails, and I have to choose one. I can’t type in that field.

How can I enter a new email of my choice?



Yes, you can change this from the Portal settings page. (Settings → Membership → Customize Portal → Account page settings).

When ever you change either of these emails, you’ll need to click a confirmation in your inbox to verify and update the address used.

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Thank you so much, Kym. I was able to update the reply-to email address successfully.

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