Directly open portal with monthly or yearly selected

Is there a way to directly open the portal window with the monthly or yearly subscription option selected as default instead of the free option?

I have added a button right after my ads saying “subscribe to remove ads” to open the portal for users to subscribe…but it opens with the free option selected, so users mostly think subscribing to free one will remove the ads…
any workaround?

Yes, if you open portal settings you’ll find links to all the different pages:

those monthly or yearly links jumps straight to the stripe payment page…i just want to open the portal box with monthly or yearly selected instead of free option…

Oh I see! Hm. I can’t think of a simple way to do exactly that - but the closest I think you could get right now would be to create an offer link for the plan you’d like to link to. Which I know is not quite what you’re asking for, but just sharing in case it might be an alternative that works: