Disable Beta Editor

How can I disable the beta editor. I am trying to edit my tags but there is no longer a reference to them on the side panel. I went to labs and there is not a disable new editor button as well.


I was able to access the tags page at /ghost/#/tags but there is not a reference to it in the new editor. I’d prob still prefer the OG editior

The new editor is not in beta anymore and has been fully released in the end of October:

However, editing tags should not have anything to do with the editor itself.

I am on the latest version of Ghost (v5.75.2) and see the tags normally in the side panel:

In the editor itself I also see the tags in the side panel and can select and create new ones without issues:

Would be interesting to see how this looks for you, what Ghost version you’re on, etc. Because on my end, everything looks pretty okay.

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Sorry for the junk post turned out to chrome caching and browser weirdness, everything is good now.


No worries, glad it solved itself :blush: