Disable dark mode from admin

Is there any plan to add a toggle to disable the new 3.0 dark mode support completely? It is automatic now in Casper, which might cool if you have all the images used in the blog post and widgets (i.e. Facebook comments) prepared for it.



No plans but it can be done by editing your theme files. You can delete these lines and rebuild the CSS by following the instructions in the Casper readme.

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@DavidDarnes I’m having issues with content with the Dark Mode. For example the native integration with SpeechKit doesn’t display well on Dark Mode. You can see it on this page https://vamsithota.me/blog/how-to-get-pocket-premium-for-less-than-8-usd/ (actually you cannot see it, that’s the problem).

Can you provide me the rebuild screen.css and screen.css.map under assets/built/ and screen.css under assets/css without the darkmode styling? I don’t want to mess enabling the theme development on my production site.

You can follow the steps Kevin stated above to remove dark mode :slight_smile:

But that is removing the dark mode, not to make it able to switch by the user.

A code-injection way to disable dark mode on Casper (or any theme) is a much needed improvement.