Disable update suggestion (0.11.13)


Is there any way to permanently disable this message?
Seems like

privacy: {
  useUpdateCheck: false,

option in config.production does not take any effect.

Self-hosted Ghost 0.11.13, NodeJS 6.14.4, Ubuntu 16.04


When you update config you’ll need to restart Ghost for it to take effect. Do note, however, that by purposely not upgrading you are leaving your site and your server insecure and vulnerable to being hacked. Not updating software on a public server is an extremely bad idea.

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Short answer

  1. Disable useUpdateCheck in config
  2. Remove “notifications” row from settings table in the database
  3. Restart app
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living on the edge.

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I do technical maintenance of about 10 Ghost installations. Most of them are updated to the latest stable version.

Some installations still use version 0.11.x and will be updated in the near future. But for several reasons, this cannot be done right now (too serious refactoring required, etc.)

However, these outdated versions are in active use (by editors and authors) and this large non-dismissible notification annoys them a lot.

You know what will annoy them more? When the site gets hacked and all their content is deleted without warning :slight_smile:

If your editors and authors are annoyed by an update notification, the solution is not to disable the notification - anymore than being annoyed by having to enter a password is solved by not having authentication.

If you expect to keep old versions running somehow, then “hack” the core of these instances so removing these notifications from the source you will not see them anymore.

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