Disabling the Portal

In the new 3.37.0 release there is the Portal beta. However, this is causing a ton of issues. How do you disable it. As Im running a container, I’m looking to see how I can disable via an environment var.

Any suggestions…

Hey @rickdonato! :wave: You can disable the Portal button from your settings within Ghost-Admin: Labs -> Members -> Portal settings -> toggle Show Portal button :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks but this doesn’t fully work, as this was the first thing I tried. It removes the button. But if I go through the workflow of editing my subscription via my current membership account page. The pop up comes up. So the user gets their standard account page the portal page. I would like to way to completely remove it.

Just to add Ive trued added portal=false to the config, however this doesn’t disable. If anyone has any suggestions it would be great. Thanks

Yes, you can.