Number of members do not correspond

Hey all!

I have a question: Ghost is currently showing me three different numbers regarding my members. When I schedule a post to be send out per mail I am getting a different number of members compared to the member section in the dashboard.

I just updated to Ghost v4 and now in the dashboard top right the total members number does not correspond with the total members number when I click on members in the left side panel.

Also, the number of members does only update when someone new subscribes, but if anyone unsubscribes the number still stays the same.

Is there anything I could do about this? As I said I am running the newst version of Ghost, set up on a DigitalOcean Droplet.

Thank you in advance for your help!

You can have members that aren’t subscribed to emails. When publishing/scheduling you’ll see the number of members who the post will be sent to, so it won’t always match the total number of members.

Stupid me, you are right.

Any idea why those then do not match up:

Screenshot_2021-03-16 Creativerly(1)

On the dashboard it says 969 total members, in the sidepanel too, but when I click on Members it says 945 on top left.

Does anyone have an idea why the total members number displayed on the dashboard does not correspond with the members number in the members section?

Edit: it seems like the total members number on the dashboard does not update if you delete members.

It’s a known display bug that is being looked into and will be fixed in a future release.

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Thank you for that information Kevin! :+1: