DKIM for transactional emails

I’m currently sending all transactional emails from my Ghost install directly, and have got emails coming through with a good reputation and avoiding spam.

However I want to provide an additional layer of security and include DKIM. Is there a way for me to configure Ghost to sign transactional emails with DKIM?

DKIM provides a digital signature in the email that the receiving email server can check. There’s nothing to do in Ghost; you need to configure your domain and outgoing email server.

I use Cloudflare for DNS and Mailgun for transactional (and bulk) email, but the steps are broadly the same for any services. These guides may help you.

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If you’re using Postfix, you can add DKIM by installing and configuring OpenDKIM. I did this at one point, and I think I used this guide. (I did eventually decide it was too complicated to send transactional emails that way and now just use Mailgun for everything.)