How is Ghost handling the new requirements from Yahoo and Google in 2024 around authentication?

Ghost (the software) can’t do too much about it, since it’s just delegating the email sending to Mailgun.

Ghost(Pro) (the Ghost Foundations hosting solution) is using their own sending domains for email (unless you’re on a business plan, then you can set your own sending domain). These sending domains are validated with SPF and DKIM:

If you’re self-hosting and using your own Mailgun account, Mailgun should have prompted you for domain verification at some point, to set up DKIM:

At any third party managed hosting provider, it really depends on the setup they use for email sending domains. At Magic Pages (the host I am running) the default domains are all set up with valid DKIM records. When setting up a custom domain, you’re prompted to set up DKIM on your own domain, so all outgoing emails are signed accordingly:


We’re prepared for this change with pending codebase updates and documentation updates. I’ll update this thread with more information soon!


The docs got updated (thanks Ryan et al!), for anyone on Ghost Pro who missed the email they sent out earlier this week:

(Those are for Ghost Pro. If you use another managed host, you need to talk to THEM about what to do.)

Self-hosters, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this week that when I set up my mailgun account for my newsletter, I’d already done all the DNS entries required while following their start-up directions. Yay!

If you’re currently using your own server for transactional email, this 1.5 year old blog post walks through DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.

(TL;DR, it’s kind of a pain - I’d seriously consider using mailgun for transactional email, if you’re sending a newsletter with it anyway.)

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Thanks for this! re: “on Ghost Pro who missed the email they sent out earlier this week” --i now have a Ghost Pro account but got no email. Is it optional to get them? don’t think i’ve unsubscribed from such info notices. i don’t want to take up space in (the wrong) forum categories, i’m just new and need to learn if i should have gotten info on this topic.

You might want to email Ghost Pro at their support email. Forum’s probably not the right place to get help on that! :)

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After we’ve set up custom domain sending under this new system, will we be able to change the “send from” appearance as normal? We have four writers so we’ve been changing the send from info every day to align with who wrote the newsletter (Jason at 404 Media), (Joseph at 404 Media), etc, and have been changing the send from email address as well to correspond with our personal addresses.

Will this process now change/will it be different in some way?