Switching to self-hosted for SPF and DKIM

Hello, I recently started using ghost pro. My url is naturanovit.net

My problem is related to SPF and DKIM. Some of my emails are going to spam, and it’s my understanding that ghost pro doesn’t support either of these frameworks that could help. Although I think that’s a pretty necessary feature for any modern email based service, I’m unable to wait for if and when it will be implemented and have to do it myself.

I’m considering switching to a self-hosted ghost using digital ocean, and I have a few questions about the mailing services.

  • Is the reason that ghost pro does not support SPF because the IPs of the mail servers change frequently?
  • When I set up mailgun to send the bulk emails, can I use it to send transactional emails as well? (Would be nice to avoid two sets of email configs)
  • If not, then would I need to set up DKIM and SPF for both mailgun and nodemailer?

Thanks for the help!