Do I need the dedicated box to test Ghost locally?

I just signed up for Ghost. Reading documentation is still confusing. I’d like to test locally, but I’m not sure if I need dedicated box or I can run instance of Ghost on my workstation ( Debian 8)? Do I have to have Ubuntu?
( install instructions list Ubuntu as supported OS). What else do I need to install? Can someone can point me to the right direction?

You can use a local install!

Do I have to install sqlite3 before? What about Node.js? I also need to install it before?

You just need node.js LTS (v6 / v8) installed - The CLI (which you will install as part of the steps) will install Ghost for you via ghost install local, and one of the dependencies that’s installed is sqlite3

I would also strongly recommend to run Ghost within docker. That what I do to manage all the Ghost themes I manage.

Install docker locally, then follow step 4 from: Import from wordpress to ghost 2.0 - #15 by pascalandy


Thanks for suggestion. How do I install docker?

Simply Google it and you you find: Get Docker | Docker Documentation


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