Is SQLITE3 being deprecated?

I made my first Ghost install many years ago and SQLITE3 seemed to be the preferred database. Fast forward a few years and MYSQL seemed to take favor. I went to do another install today and checked the instructions and I see that the flag for sqlite3 isn’t anywhere to be found on the config pages. The flag still works and the install still works with no issues. Existing sites still use it with no problems as well.

I’m just curious why it is seemingly being pushed aside. Are their security or other issues I should be aware of? I admit that not using MySQL was one of several reasons why I went to Ghost from WordPress.

The official Ghost suggestion is to install Ghost locally for development (ghost install local), or to use a full server for production (ghost install). The local ghost installation uses sqlite3, while production uses mysql. Many people use Docker to host Ghost, many of which use sqlite3.

thanks! I just wanted to make sure sqlite3 wasn’t going away.