Do you know the theme is used by Digital Press website?

I really like the theme that Digital Press use for their own website:

Does anyone know the theme they use? Or is it a completely custom-built theme?

Thank you.

Hi @RyanUK,
The mentioned link is not built with Ghost (The frontend).

I am very surprised. Thanks.

Do you know the platform. I know it’s not Wordpress.

I am not sure about the Language they are using but its definitely not ghost & wp. Seeing their file structure I guess its Pythons Django but not sure.

Well this site seems to suggest that the site is running Ghost:

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its not stating that marketing/main site is built with ghost but its subdomains like

Your right - I hadn’t noticed the subdomain. Looking at the source code the site looks more like a static bootstrap site.

Out of interest, is site using Ghost to publish their “main” website? I am wondering because a lot of the features I see on the main Ghost pro website is I don’t see in Ghost themes anywhere!

@RyanUK I saw that is using Gatsby JS for its frontend.