Source: Our new default theme - Ghost Changelog

We just released a brand new theme called Source, which is the new default theme packaged with every new install of Ghost.

Source represents a clean, functional design suited to modern publications and newsletters. It comes with simple layout and styling options included, so you can quickly launch a custom site that perfectly matches your brand — without writing a single line of code.

The Highlight LayoutThe Magazine LayoutThe Landing Page Layout

Our goal with the Source theme was to make it as straightforward as possible for new publishers to get started with Ghost, giving them easy access to a range of design settings that cover the most common use-cases we see.

Ghost's previous default theme, Casper, is still available and can be installed from the Ghost Marketplace.

Source is automatically included in all new Ghost installations. If you already have a Ghost site and you'd like to give it a try, Source can be installed directly from the Ghost Marketplace.


Great job! The Source theme looks modern and much more customizable. It’s always tough to say goodbye to a trusty ally like Casper, which has been a great help in my Ghost journey. Over the months, it has been updated greatly, making it even more valuable to me. For now, I will continue using it, especially considering all the modifications I have made to it, such as the table of contents and footer.

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Interesting! One thing I see is that the available custom parameters are /changing/ in response to other custom parameters. That’s an undocumented new feature, I think. Gonna have to download the theme and have a peek, for sure!

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Hi there is this new interesting theme translation ready?

Looks great. I notice there’s no install link on the Source page in the Marketplace. Just taking a little time to make it available for DL for those with existing installations?

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It’s available as an install option once you upgrade to the latest version of Ghost.


Setting visibility is a new feature, documented here:

As mentioned, it allows you to update a setting’s visibility depending on the value of parent settings.

We’ll be mentioning the new feature in the next issue of the Build with Ghost newsletter, coming out soon!


Thanks for the link! Pardon me, I should have said unANNOUNCED new feature, not unDOCUMENTED new feature, it appears! :slight_smile:


I think it just wasn’t avail yet to those of us with no life and watch for new announcements! It’s available now and I didn’t upgrade or anything. Looks NICE!

Featured image are not showing up even when I am enabling them in settings. Do I have to do anything else to make them appear in the homepage.

Screenshot attached for reference.

P.S. I want to make it look like the Highlight layout. But when I am selecting Highlight, it’s only showing a list of posts.

Love it! Are there also specific pages for memberships/signup promotion? Can’t see anything in the demos.

I feel like themes need to anticipate that some bloggers will want to refer to their social media.

Themes should have access to, and use, not only links to my facebook page or twitter profile (I don’t have or want a Facebook page, and would prefer to reduce my twitter usage), but any other social media profile I have. This would allow a theme to, for example, automatically include a footer with five logos for the five social accounts the blog is actually using.

Accordingly, the Settings > General > Social Accounts section should allow us to list more than just a facebook page and twitter profile, but also instagram, mastodon, pinterest, linkedin, and whatever other service you can manage.

This way, if I want to link to my instagram and pinterest icons in my footer, I don’t need to track down icons of my own and try to translate them into the theme’s design language, I don’t need to change that setup for each theme I install, I can just paste in my links to the “social accounts” section and let the theme figure out how to represent the accounts.

I bring this up now because the Source News theme’s header navigation section doesn’t really seem to be a good place to link to social accounts—the position of this navigation makes it feel more like I’m navigating to sections of the site, and less like one of these links might be an external link. These are considerations most bloggers are not skilled in handling. They should be handled by theme-makers, but theme-makers can’t handle them, because Ghost doesn’t give them the tools they need to handle them.

So… Please, expand the social accounts section to include, at the very least, Instagram.


As someone who uses Mastodon and Strava but not Facebook or Twitter, I would also welcome more flexibility in linking to social profiles.


I don’t disagree, but this is not a theme-level request! A theme /could/ include additional slots for accounts (although they’d be under Design, not General), but it’d count towards the 15 custom fields.

Perhaps a more immediate option is to use the secondary navigation for theme links, and then to use the social media icons tutorial to turn those links into icons. This tutorial works on the header, but you can easily flip the selectors to target the footer menu instead if desired.


20 :smirk:


Does anyone know how to get featured posts shown with the landing page layout?

Loving it - so well designed and nicely done!

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Can anybody please help me with this?

@reckless, I installed Source on Ghost Pro and put it in highlight mode. It looks like I expected, with the large feature image layout, as shown:

It’s perhaps worth checking that you’re creating posts, not pages, and that you have the featured image actually loaded as the featured image (above the title in the editor, not in the body of the post).

Now, it’s worth noting that Source uses some new features that were just rolled out in Ghost. So if you’re not on Ghost Pro, it might be helpful to check what version of Ghost you’re on, and update if it isn’t the latest.

Is the page in the screenshot your home page?


I am a Ghost Pro user so I am on the latest version. The screenshot is of homepage only. Here’s the screenshot of backend.