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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the website itself is created with ghost.
We build yearly around 500 websites and are looking for a solid solution / partner our current solution is wordpress.

Since the ghost cms platform seems mostly magazine / content related I was wondering if the website itself is made with it and if the sources are perhaps available? that would be a great learning resource.

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Jordan from Amterdam


It isn’t currently, but we aim to change that this year, moving all the content on to be driven by Ghost+Gatsby in the same way that the section of the site works already.

You can read more about this in our most recent blog post:

The full source of the docs site is available here:


Hello @Hannah
Which is the most updated template on which you advise to work? And which one will you update more?


I also noticed some differences in the installation, in one use the .env file, and in the other .ghost.json.

Are there any important differences in the two solutions?

Thank you for what you do


Short answer is to use gatsby-starter-ghost whenever you’re starting a new project.

Longer explanation:

Gatsby Starter Ghost is a generic starter that sets up a Ghost site with Gatsby that works the same way it would work if you were using the Casper theme. It’s the defacto way to get started if you’re using Ghost+Gatsby.

Docs is a heavily customised implementation that merges content from Ghost and other sources in a way highly specific to our documentation. It’s great reference material for how to do more advanced things, but it’s not a useful start point.

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