Documentation for Webhooks might be a bit outdated

I’m currently looking to develop an integration for Ghost using Ghost Webhooks and I think that the documentation might be a bit outdated, if I’m not mistaken.

When creating a new webhook, I wa unable to find the following events:

  • post.rescheduled
  • page.scheduled
  • page.unscheduled
  • page.rescheduled

Note that I don’t need them, it’s just an observation as I was looking into webhooks.

Also, would it be possible to list the events in the same order as they appear in the admin (for page.tag.* and *post.tag.**)? And, for more clarity, maybe also group them like you did in the admin?

And finally, there is a typo in the page.tag.detached name :wink:

Reference : /ghost/admin/app/helpers/event-name.js


Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

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Provide details of your host & operating system
Windows 10

Database type
SQLite 3 (development)

Thanks for flagging this!

I’ll need to run this down to see what’s out of sync.

I have fixed the typo :sweat_smile:

I’ll also think about your formatting suggestions :pray: