Does Ghost backend have any log related to webhooks

Some of my functions on Netlify are not triggered, it’d be helpful to check if Ghost sent a request (webhook) and what was the response. Is there anything like a log maybe? I’m using self-hosted version on Ubuntu.

Hey @maxkoretskyi :wave:
Can I ask which webhook event you’re using? And any other related details, thanks :blush:

Hey @DavidDarnes, I’m using “Member added” hook. It’s interesting that the functions are triggered on some environments and not triggered on others. I suspect there could be an error returned by Netlify, so thinking about logging. I can also twitch sources a little bit and add a logger through middleware if somebody points me to the right place in code :slightly_smiling_face:.

Could you elaborate on this? Might be worth trying out other webhook events for testing purposes. I’ve been trying out the webhooks myself on Netlify and haven’t seen any issues :thinking:

You can have many sites on Netlify, so for some sites the function is triggered and for is not :slight_smile:. Yeah, well, having some kind of logging to Ghost’s webhooks functionality would be great.

Wonder if this would be useful for you :thinking: