Does Mailgun offer custom domain emails?

I’m in the process of setting email for Ghost. The recommended service is Mailgun, which I intend to use. Is Mailgun only an email routing service, or can I also use it to create custom domain emails, such as:

I’m thinking of using Apple’s iCloud+ custom domain email service with Mailgun. Do I need to create custom domain emails outside of Mailgun, or does Mailgun offer it?

Thank you.

I’ve been playing with Mailgun. I couldn’t find a way to create email user accounts ( ). It’s very simple to create email accounts in Apple’s iCloud+ custom domain email.

I was wondering if there’s anyone technical enough to know if Apple’s iCloud+ custom domain email can be used with Ghost, based on the following setup info:

Thanks in advance.

iCloud email has a limit, so using the iCloud+ service with more than 1000 newsletter subscribers isn’t an option.

Limits on sending messages

There are several safeguards in place to make sure that only iCloud members can send messages using iCloud. One of these safeguards includes reasonable limits on:

  • The total number of messages you can send each day (1000 messages)
  • The number of recipients you can message each day (1000 recipients)
  • The maximum number of recipients per message (500 recipients)
  • The size of incoming and outgoing messages (20MB, up to 5GB with Mail Drop turned on)

Does Mailgun offer a way to create email accounts? I couldn’t find the option on the dashboard.

If not,

  1. I use iCloud+ to create a custom email as the “from” field in the production.json.

  2. Will that counted as being sent from Mailgun or iCloud+?

Very confused right now. Please help.


In the JSON below, is “postmaster” fixed? It is something that’s assigned by Mailgun?

"mail": {  
  "transport": "SMTP",  
  "options": {  
    "service": "Mailgun",  
    "host": "",  
    "port": "587",  
    "auth": {  
      "user": "",  
      "pass": "your_password"  

Yes, no. The rest of your questions should now be resolved.

Thanks! When I use Mailgun to send newsletters, the “from” field is from

And “postmaster” is a fixed value created by Mailgun?

No the originating sender sets the From field. Assuming you’re using Ghost to create the newsletter email, the From address is specified in Settings → Email newsletter → Newsletter email address. Note that it is still up to you to create the email account if you want replies to go somewhere.

To clear this up, I use Apple iCloud+ to create an email account . The newsletters that I SEND is going through Mailgun, so NOT limited to iCloud+ 1000 emails a day.

If I reply using iCloud+ email account, then that is going through iCloud+ and IS limited to iCloud+ 1000 emails a day.

Sending Newsletters = Mailgun
Replying = iCloud+ custom domain email

I hope I’m getting this right. Thank you for your patience and help.

Yes that sounds pretty close. Working around typical send limits is exactly what Mailgun is for.

The only confusion I see is your use of “reply”. To be clear, if someone replies to your newsletter, you will receive it in your iCloud+ email account. The 1000 emails/day limit does not apply to emails you receive.

If you reply using your iCloud+ email account, then that’s the same as you sending any other email using that account, and is not related to Mailgun. There’s nothing special about a reply, except that it gets addressed to the previous email’s From address.

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Our domain was verified by Mailgun. Here’s what I found:

  1. Using iCloud+ to create a custom domain email isn’t necessary–it’s redundant. Mailgun has an option to create additional SMTP users:

Domains | select a domain | SMTP option | Manage SMTP credentials | Add new SMTP user

  1. The used to configure mail in Ghost is the first and default account created by Mailgun. “postmaster” is a fixed value and must be used for authenticating when configuring mail for Ghost.

Best regards.

Okay, you seem very determined to stick to your incorrect assumptions, so I’ll give it one more go and leave it at that.

Mailgun does not create email accounts. SMTP is for sending email. You can create all the SMTP accounts you like, but you still wont be able to receive an email.

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You are correct! SMTP is for sending and POP/IMAP is for receiving. I still need to use iCloud+ or another service if I want to create a custom domain email when users reply to the emails sent by Mailgun.

Thanks for the clarification!

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