Ghost + mailgun + personal email?

Update: I solved this by buying a mailbox from my domain registrar, hover.

I understand how ghost and mailgun work together. Does anyone know how I get email from my domain?

Let’s say my domain is

Ghost sends out an email:

Is there a service in which I send out emails I tried to buy a mailbox from my domain registrar, but I haven’t been able to get it to work.

Any ideas? Mail forwarding? Does Mailgun have the ability to receive email?


mailgun can receive emails (paid plan). you just need to make a few DNS entries
and there are other options out there:

Not sure to understand your question. Are you looking for a mailing list service ? Ghost does this well now!

Thanks @pascalandy , I now have everything up and running. I was trying to figure out how to receive emails from my domain and also use mail gun. I just sent out my second newsletter and everything seemed to work well!

Good job man! Happy superbowl :-p

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