Does newsletter functionality exists?

I’m looking for a Wordpress Mailchimp/Mailpoet drop-in functionality in Ghost. Specifically,I\d like to send a crafted email to all my subscribers on several occasions and plan to send weekly summary of what was published. Is there a way to accomplish that?

Ghost doesn’t have a native newsletter functionality, but it’s possible to use the Zapier intergration to extend the functionality of the subscribers beta

Thank you. How reliable is this beta functionality?

Well right now it’s just a glorified CSV generator. I know there are plans to refactor it, but I’m not sure when it’s going to happen or what’s going to change. However, even if it does change, if you’re using the mailchimp integration, your subscribers should be in a mailchimp mailing list, so at worst, you’re going to lose the ability to gain new subscribers if the API changes, although I suspect there should be plenty of warning if that were to happen

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Much appreciated. I will look also for some sort of html code injection which ads a box to subscribe so I can add it to my ghost template. Is it possible or does ghost engine do some sanitation to prevent such changes in or ?

Code injection is a first class citizen in Ghost!

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