Doks by spiritix theme FAQ

Hello everyone! I am feeling extremely happy and grateful for the friendly assistance I’ve received in understanding Ghost. While setting up Ghost, I encountered redirection issues, and I plan to address them in a separate discussion. Now, my goal is to configure pages similar to, with a dedicated docs section and a resources and tutorials section. From my understanding, I need a theme that supports these features, and I’ve come across Doks Doks , which seems like a fantastic theme in the Ghost marketplace.

If I purchase and install the Doks theme, will I be able to edit the sidebars directly from the Ghost admin panel, or do I need to do it on my PC using Visual Studio?

I appreciate your help in clarifying the process of setting up a combined documentation, blog, and tutorials area for my Ghost site.

That depends a lot on the theme. Those items /might/ be exposed somewhere in the theme customization, or might require editing the theme. I’d check the documentation for the theme for some hints, and contact the theme developer if you still have a question about it.

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thanks mate, i think it is mentioned here in the docs.

it is called multi-docs :white_check_mark:

Regarding our theme Doks, the sidebar is configurable from the admin panel using a combination of tags and posts, no change to the code is required.


Is there a page that displays all tags? If not, how can I create one?

Additionally, how can we incorporate all tags into the blog page?

How can change color to #663399?