Ghost docs as a theme


is there a way to use Ghost docs as a theme?

@hmmatos Firstly, welcome to the Ghost community!

You can see via this link to that the Ghost documentation pages are built with Hugo and hosted on Netlify.. In other words, that isn’t a Ghost theme they are using on that section of the website.

There aren’t many documentation-style themes available for Ghost and I’m guessing, but I think this might be because documentation sites would generally benefit from being static webpages.

There is the option of using Ghost as a headless CMS in conjunction with Hugo (and Hugo has some good documentation themes). You can see my recent post on this topic and a very helpful response from @DavidDarnes here.

If you are just looking to make a documentation site, you might like to take a look at static site generators. To get you started, some things to Google would be Jamstack, Hugo, Jekyll and MkDocs.

I hope this helps!

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