Don't display popups for members - Google Tag Manager

Hello team,

I’m using Convertful popups via Google Tag Manager.
Is there a way to NOT SHOW popups for members?

E.g. in Google tag manager - if this is a - i don’t want a Convertful script to be included.

I have found this Ghost and Member ID for Google Tag Manager?, I think this approach is pretty close to what I need. But, can anyone help?

Thank you!

You can load the script between {{#unless @member}} block

{{#unless @member}}
 # load here gtm script here 
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@inoryum Will it relate to only paid members or also free signups?
How to limit it to only paid members?
Thank you a lot!

the above code block is for all logged-in members. If you restrict the popup for only paid members… Then Use

{{#unless @member.paid}}
 # load here gtm script here 

@inoryum can you add this in the head section in ghost?
between …
I mean also in code injection sections of Ghost settings?

Thank you!

Nope, this can’t be added to the Code Injection. You have to add this from your theme file(default.hbs)