Dynamic footer integration from different source

I am using ghost for blogging of my B2B e-commerce. In the blog I want to add dynamic footer, which will directly talk to the main website via RESTful API so that all popular categories and brands will get listed over that footer. So to achieve this thing how I will have to go?

Hi there! Does the main website have an API you can tap into? If so then you can do this with JavaScript in your custom Ghost theme. Here’s some resources to look into:

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Hi David,
Thanks for the response!!

I already did that in the same way you have suggested but I need to load those content from the server end only since it is giving me CORS error(due to calling of third party API from the client).
Please help me with this.

You’ll need to configure the application that you’re requesting from to allow cross-origin requests. Check out this article which goes into detail on why CORS errors happen and how to set up servers to allow it

But that will not be an ideal way, I am expecting something from server end so that I can return the response of API from server itself. Basically I want to customize the ghost back-end functionality without affecting the core files, but I don’t know how to achieve it. So please help me if you no anything regarding that.