How to implement this idea!

Hello all!

So I’m new with Ghost and I want to implement a specific idea.

I would like to create a React.js Website that loads data dynamically from Ghost’s API. In this case, I will have to use the Content API as described with the get requests like api.posts.browse eg. For the users and content management, I would like to create a custom CMS and not to use the default one that you get when you start on http://localhost:2368/ghost. So I created an express app to integrate it with the Admin API through the Client Library.

1.Where should I add the:

const api = new GhostAdminAPI({
  url: 'http://localhost:2368',
  version: "v3"

    title: 'My first draft API post',
    mobiledoc: '{\"version\":\"0.3.1\",\"atoms\":[],\"cards\":[],\"markups\":[],\"sections\":[[1,\"p\",[[0,[],0,\"My post content. Work in progress...\"]]]]}'

2.Could someone please show me the full documentation of the API?
3.How can I make the above request in Postman?
4. Would it be a good idea to create an SSR React app for the Custom CMS?
5. Is there any ready template (or even the default one if possible) that I can edit to my liking (that would be really helpful)?

Thank you in advance.