Dynamic pricing on Product

I am planning to run my affiliate Project on Ghost and using the /Product command to create products with affiliate links.

I am wondering if there is a way for me to dynamically update the price of the product / title every day with the help of a product feed or perhaps a simpler way?

Or maybe /product is not the best solution, then I would love some feedback. Normally people use WP for affiliate but I really want to use ghost as I find it so much better

Any tips on making something sustainable that I can reuse in the future for other products as well?

There’s nothing like a dynamic price update built into Ghost, but there’s API access to change a post, so you could certainly put something together (maybe a cloud function somewhere like Netlify?) that scans prices (using whatever sort of feed you have access to) and updates your Ghost posts in response.

I share the same desire but unable to find a solution.

You can pay a service to do it for you

But I think it’s for Wordpress only