Ease theme - featured articles


I’m using the ease theme for my site and have added some featured articles. The featured articles section on the home page seems to display in reverse alphabetical order.

Example: F > E > D > C > B > A

How can I reverse this to show: A > B > C > D > E > F

Thanks in advance.

I think it should be sorted by the Publish date actually.
You probably have written the post ‘A’ first, then ‘B’ and so on.

The featured section will then fetch by the latest so you get the reversed order.
Easiest would be to edit the Publish date of those posts to get the order you desire.

Another option would be to modify the coding and set the order as you want.
Example from the docs:

{{! Fetch posts in alphabetical order of title ([0-9], A->Z) }}
{{#get "posts" limit="5" order="title asc"}}{{/get}}

You would need to edit the partials/featured.hbs file.

Amazing. Thanks for such a prompt reply, I’ll change the publish dates on the posts to achieve the desired result.

Thanks again :+1: