Sequence of Featured Posts in Alto theme homepage slider

Hello all,

Does anyone have insight on how to sort the featured posts in a particular way in the alto theme?

The featured posts are not sorted by chronology of publication. I am unsure how it is doing so, but it is not random, as no matter the sequence of publishing it re-sorts my choices.

I would like the featured posts to be in a specific sequence from left to right.

@minimaluminium any insight is appreciated.


Hey @andrewdefries,

The default sort order for posts is published_at desc, so the featured posts are ordered by newest to oldest by default.

If you need something different, you can use order parameter in the {{#get}} helper in partials/featured.hbs. For example, this will order the featured posts by title.

{{#get "posts" filter="featured:true" limit="10" order="title asc" include="tags" as |featured|}}

More info here: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: get