Ease theme search bar and Ghost plans

Hi! I just wanted to raise this issue here. I’m on the Starter plan with Ghost, as it’s all this project can afford until I build the subscription base.

With the Starter plan, you can only choose one of a few themes, including the Ease theme, which as it turns out was perfect for this project. As it is a documentation theme, the most prominent feature of the Ease theme is, quite logically, a front and center search bar - but, because search is a “custom” integration, the search bar doesn’t work with the Starter plan.

It seems a bit absurd to

a) treat “search” - one of the most basic functions built into nearly every web site on this planet - as a “custom” integration requiring triple the hosting cost;

b) make it a prominent feature of a theme that is presented as one that works with the Starter plan, when in fact it does not work.

If the essence of a documentation site is that it contains a library of reference articles, but those articles cannot be searched, then essentially the Starter plan does not support documentation sites, full stop.