Ease theme search bar does not work / modal does not open?

Just installed Ease theme on a self-hosted Ghost instance at latest version of 5.0.2

The search bar in hero panel in the Ease theme displays but nothing happens on click:

Was expecting it to work the same as the demo: https://ease.ghost.io/

I checked the search documentation: Ghost Theme Development: Adding search to a theme

And then checked the code to see if it was implemented in the theme: Search · search · GitHub

Also checked the element directly to see if it had “data-ghost-search” on my actual install.

Any ideas as to why the search bar isn’t working?

I’m assuming this is a user error for now and not a bug…

I see an old post that search is a premium feature, but I don’t believe that is true now that native search has been implemented.

Thanks for the help.

Can you share your URL? It’s hard to debug without it :slight_smile:

@vikaspotluri123 messaged you directly.

Thanks! Your ghost version isn’t new enough for the search feature to work - search was added in Release 5.3.0 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

curl --silent https://[redacted]/ghost/api/admin/site/ | jq .site.version
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Thanks for clearing that up, thought everything was up to date when it had actually just stepped forward one release, it’s working now that i’ve addressed this