Search feature in ease themes returning error for some keyword

Hi all ,
we have issue on our ghost site , we are using ease themes Ease , our search tab returning error (blank white page with text 2023) but only for some keyword for example for keyword with letter f,t,c at the beginning , i have tried record the screen like this

the ghost site running on docker container using docker-compose , i have tried to upgrade the version with 5.33 , hoping it fixes the problem but it doesn’t seem to , we also can see SLOW_GET_HELPER warning message on the logs ( like on videos ) but , is it related to the problem ? please give me a advice to solve this , thank you

Thanks for sharing that info.

The slow get helper is a warning about the function’s performance. It’s likely not the cause of your search bug.

It looks like you’ve customized Ease’s default search behavior. My guess is that the bug is in that code. Are you able to share more on how you customized search?

Hi Ryan ,
thank you for your fast response , i’ll try to discussing it to my leader first , about what have he customized , since i just manage the host server , thank you , i’ll post in here again next

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