Schema Markup JasonLD


When I am updating the Schema Markup for my blog on ghost and adding the new JasonLD code in code injection file under header, I can see that two schema markups are visible on the Site.

One schema Markup which is created by Ghost and another Schema Markup which is created by me both are appearing on the link.

Can you guys please tell me what should I do if I only want my schema Markup to appear on the post page.

Schema Markup validator: Schema Markup Validator

There isn’t a way to disable Ghost’s JSON-LD - it’s a default SEO feature.

Maybe you could share with us your reasons for writing your own instead?

Hi @Hannah ,

So currently ghost is adding the description in JSON-LD directly from the content which I have written on the blog site, and the description which I want on the schema Markup is a bit like excerpt or a glimpse from the blog having some important pointers

Ghost will use the custom excerpt as the description in the JSON-LD if you add one.

Ghost’s SEO features are designed to get out of your way so that you can focus on writing content - Ghost does the rest. You shouldn’t need to tweak things that much, but where you do you can dig into the post settings to customise the details shown in various places.