Edit meta properties in channel?

I have the following channel setup:

    controller: channel
    filter: tag:[linear-algebra,statistics,probability,calculus]

And I use a custom math.hbs file to load the channel content. But I’m wondering how I can modify the meta properties?

{{!< default}}

<header class="site-archive-header">
    {{> site-header}}
    {{> header-background background=feature_image}} {{!--Special header-image.hbs partial to generate the background image--}}
        <div class="inner site-header-content">
            <h1 class="site-title">Math For Machine Learning</h1>
            <h2 class="site-description">
                This is all the available math you need for Machine Learning. In this section, you will learn Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability Theory and Calculus.

{{!-- The main content area --}}
<main id="site-main" class="site-main outer">
    <div class="inner posts">
        <div class="post-feed">
            {{#foreach posts visibility="all"}}
                {{> "post-card"}}

I’m specifically looking to modify the meta property og:title and og:description, for SEO purposes. How is this possible, given the current handlebars file? I want to avoid a Javascript solution, as I would like the meta properties to be static, or at least server-generated like for the tags.

Have you tried assigning data to the route? You could create a ‘Math’ page in the Ghost admin and then assign that page as the data source to your /math/ route, which would mean you’d have full control of the metadata being applied to it. More info over on our docs: