Editing Copyright Info in Edition Theme

Hello! I need to edit my copyright line in the Edition theme: It defaults to my website’s name as the copyright holder, which is not accurate. (I’m a writer and need the content I publish to the website/newsletter to be copyrighted in my name.) Any guidance on how to do this? I’m guessing I’d use Code Injection and add some css to the Site Header…but that where my guessing stops. Thank you!

Here’s where the text comes from in Edition, in the default.hbs file:

        <div class="gh-foot-inner gh-inner">
            <div class="gh-copyright">
                {{@site.title}} © {{date format="YYYY"}}

Assuming you can’t/don’t want to edit the theme, here’s the code injection to run. (Put it in the footer, because it needs the page to be there already to work.)

const changeme = document.querySelector('.gh-copyright')  
changeme.textContent = "What it should actually say &copy; 2022";

Hope that helps!

EDITED to fix my typo - needed a . not a #


Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, adding that code injection didn’t work. (I put it in the footer as suggested, then tried it as well in the header—but neither worked.)

Any other suggestions? Thanks again.

My apologies - I had a typo. Correcting it above to use the CLASS (.), not the ID (#).

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That works! Brilliant, thank you!

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