Editing Staff Profile: "Internal server error, cannot edit user. Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)"

Hi everyone,

I just setup a new instance of Ghost on a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 20.04.4. Ghost installed without an issue and I was also able to update to the latest version. Currently I’m running Ghost 5.2.0 and Ghost CLI 1.21.0. Everything appears to be working fine although ghost-doctor reports that there is “not enough memory for smooth operation.” (I seem to have between 50 - 120 MB free rather than the reccommended 150.)

However, I am encountering an issue when trying to edit my own admin/staff profile. When I make changes to any of the fields and try to save, I see a red bar at the top of the application with the following error message:

"Internal server error, cannot edit user. Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)"

The changes are saved however and are reflected in the profile on the live site.

I don’t see this error anywhere else. I made a few test posts and also uploaded some images without encountering any errors whatsoever. It seems that only editing the profile shows this error.

I’ve googled the problem but couldn’t find anything related to this error specifically. I was hoping that somebody here could help.

Happy to provide more info if necessary…

That error only occurs in Ghost 5.2.0 but it’s been fixed in 5.2.1.

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Thanks Kevin. Just upgraded and can confirm that it has been fixed.