Editing themes from ghost admin interface


Not sure if this has already been brought up, at least I couldn’t find it:

I would find it much more convenient and accessible if there was a way to edit themes from within the admin interface with a built-in editor instead of having to edit it from outside ghost and upload it.

Was this ever considered?


I don’t mind the fact that we have to upload each change as that enables us to revert if we break something. I’m looking at WordPress and the theme editor…

I lost count as to how many times I had to go through a file manager (cPanel) or FTP to make changes to files because someone… You get the point.

I was editing a server copy of config.production.json locally in order to change the portal URL as I needed it to point to my theme folder. I made a mistake with the } brackets and all of the sudden, the file was no longer recognized as a json file.

The restart process through the Digital Ocean console did not go through as root or as ghost-mgr no matter what I did or how I did it.

As I did not pay attention to the editor being red (indicating error), I saved and uploaded and tried to restart. This is just one of many scenarios whereof a built in “restart Ghost” feature would be awesome.

I understand what you’re saying and yes, I have been wondering the same. And then again, I kind of understand why this is not available.

What I would love to see though, is a “ghost restart” feature.
A toggle for “On / Off” or set to “Auto Once Per 24hrs” that restarts the system. Something like that.

In other words; you are logged in as admin. You go to Settings and Labs. You click the restart button and in the background - voila!

The restart part is what “drives me the most crazy” :slight_smile: Having to use a terminal / prompt to restart is where I think Ghost could be more “non techie friendly” for new users (how they could attract new users / convert WP users).