Edition header disappearing for returning visitors

I’m using a customized version of Edition and the header is disappearing once someone has visited the site once. When I load it in my browser, the header isn’t there anymore, but it appears when I load it in an incognito window. Is this a function of the Edition theme by default or could it be something that was changed by the person who customized some design elements for me?

I’m also curious how to change the image dimensions for the Featured Posts, but I can start another thread for that :slight_smile:


When you’re loading from incognito, the browser isn’t sending the cookies that tell ghost that you’re already subscribed: To your ghost instance it seems like a new visitor (hence incognito). There might be a possibility for the browser to determine the subscription status via IP instead of cookies, but that would just create a big amount of problems.

Hi Lauren!

Please, who customized your edition theme? I’m trying to get mine customized but I’ve not been able to get a reply from any of the people I’ve messaged.