Edition Theme doesn't look like the demo

I just installed the Edition theme but my site doesn’t look like the demo of the theme. The header bit is missing. Is this an easy thing to fix?

My site is at camscampbell.com


Looks fine to me, buddy.

Looks like the Featured Articles section missing is the only difference. Have you tried setting some posts as Featured in the editor?

My site is doing the exact same thing with the Edition theme. - the header image won’t display. It did at first and then now it’s gone. How did you fix this issue?

Site: https://alli-rizacos-coaching.ghost.io/

Your header image is displaying for me. But I’m also experiencing an issue with the Edition theme header image where it is significantly lowering the resolution or something. I’ve tried uploading various resolutions, file types and nothing seems to make a difference. This is a fresh install as of yesterday.

The low resolution of the image is most apparent when using an image with text on it. I haven’t encountered this with other themes.

Yours is working. It turns out that you won’t see the header of you’re logged in. Try a different browser without logging in.