Make Ghost branding optional

There are places (footer, portal screen) where removing the ghost branding is impossible after the v4 update. As a paying customer who wants to start a professional publishing business, I don’t want to come off as someone advertising other services to paid subscribers via link placements across my site. Please consider removing it.


I am pretty sure they choose to do it this way. Meaning; they did not want to give users an easy to “out” by being able to editing theme files.

“Publish with Ghost” is part of the portal.min.js file which is loaded from an external source. The only way around that, at the moment, is to write a script that does not load that file, download the file, change the file and load it locally (from your own server). In other words, quite a hassle.

The footer can be removed by editing the theme or by applying CSS using the .copyright class.

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