Make Ghost branding optional

There are places (footer, portal screen) where removing the ghost branding is impossible after the v4 update. As a paying customer who wants to start a professional publishing business, I don’t want to come off as someone advertising other services to paid subscribers via link placements across my site. Please consider removing it.


I am pretty sure they choose to do it this way. Meaning; they did not want to give users an easy to “out” by being able to editing theme files.

“Publish with Ghost” is part of the portal.min.js file which is loaded from an external source. The only way around that, at the moment, is to load that script from your theme by adding the portal part to your config.production.json file.

The footer can be removed by editing the theme or by applying CSS using the .copyright class.


I agree.



By the way, you can’t change the Ghost Admin favicon, why?


Personally, I have no issue with the Ghost branding on the backend — I use Ghost because I like it and the people who run it.

That said, I would prefer the option of not having Ghost featured in the Portal. I use premium themes to get around using it for that sole reason.


So does it load the script twice then? I don’t see how to even stop the external load from happening. It seems to inject the call for it after everything is rendered.

No, it loads it from your theme instead of from a third party.

At least this way you can edit placeholder texts, change the button text and its link and so forth.

How do you override the default script loading in the first place? that’s where i’m stuck.

Hopefully this explains it well enough.

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Nice! Yeah, well done. Thanks for that

Hi thebear, seems like your website is down and I have a feeling your article might be the solution to my problem. Can you make it available again? :wink:

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Hey, could you please attach (give a GDrive link or something) the PDF file for that? I’m having this issue too.

I’ve only been here five minutes but in my honest opinion, this is really bad practice, especially if you are paying customer.

It doesn’t look like they want to remove it or make it optional by the tone of other discussions I have come across on here and it seems they get touchy on the subject which is a little disappointing to see.

I’ll make it available here:


Thank you for going to the effort of creating and sharing this :+1:


This link is no longer available. Do you have a mirror or something that we can read/download this from?
Thank you.