Edition theme customization

Hello everyone,

Edition theme has four templates enabled for posts/pages - Default, Full Feature Image, Narrow Image and No Feature Image.

I would like to add another template, which would include Cover Image, like on home page. What would be the proper way to do that?

Thanks in advance

Hi @djordje,

In the root directory of the theme you can find all these templates:

  • post.hbs → Default
  • custom-full-feature-image.hbs → Full Feature Image
  • custom-narrow-feature-image.hbs → Narrow Feature Image
  • custom-no-feature-image.hbs → No Feature Image

If you want to create a new one, the best way would be to start from an existing template, that is the closest in style to what you want to have.

Here is the official guide on how to create custom templates:

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I didn’t realize that every custom-something.hbs file automatically adds another choice in template list, that was my main problem.

After I realize that, the solution was pretty straight forward.