[solved] No possibility to add post cover image

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When adding/editing a post through the Ghost editor, I don’t have the possibility to add a post cover image. The editor simply doesn’t display any image upload form (expected in the top of the Post settings panel on the right):

What I’m expecting is this form: Post Cover Images
When loading the editor, I don’t see any errors, nor in the logs nor in the Browser console.
How can I enable this feature ?

I’m using Ghost 5.2.4:

$ ghost --version
Ghost-CLI version: 1.21.0
Ghost version: 5.2.4 (at /var/lib/ghost)

I’m using a custom theme (boo), but I face the same issue while using the default Casper theme.

Thanks for your answers

The link you posted is outdated, and from a 2014 change log.

Today, you add a featured image, which is above the post title.


Thanks a lot @mjw !
I totally missed this new Add feature image placement. It works as expected
(And btw: 2014 was a good time :heart: )

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