What happened to the "custom template" feature in Ghost pages?


So in earlier versions of Ghost we could create custom templates to give your posts a distinctive look. There is a tutorial here that takes you through it step by step : Create a custom post template

The idea is to write a hbs page for that specific looks, and then you can select it when you edit or create the page - as seen here:

As Ghost has been updated, this little drop-down menu feature has vanished. I’m currently on Ghost 5.10.1 and no longer see that when I create or edit a “page” in Ghost. I’m updatiing my old Ghost theme to work with Ghost 5 because when I change to any other theme, I lose the functions that I created in the .hbs pages for this theme, and I can’t recreate it with these instructions.

That feature hasn’t changed or moved. Any templates in your active theme that start with custom-*.hbs will appear in the list.

If you’re working locally, Ghost picks up changes to any existing files, but only picks up new files on restart.

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Oh! So instead of say “tags.hbs” that I created, I should name the files “custom-tags.hbs” to have it appear? That’s easy enough to update.

tested quickly Ah yes, that does make the drop-down list appear again! Thank you.