Editor, post URL in right panel

We have a slight problem in the editor.

We use the link of the final article in the right panel of the editor to prepare social network posts before publication. But in the right panel the URL are not complete. Let me explain :

For instance we have an post with this final URL :


In the right panel the URL is presented like this :
site.com/post_slug without the main_tag.

We did some costum routes and redirection, could it mess with the preview of the URL in this panel ? Is there an option I didn’t saw ? Is this a feature and not a bug ? So many questions.

For now we try to enter manually the final URL in our Trello for the CM, but with 20 person some people tends to forget =D

You’re correct, the admin panel uses {url}/{slug}, even if you have custom dynamic routes that would resolve to a different path. It’s a bug that’s not trivial to fix :slight_smile:

Damn that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the answer