Redirect From Admin to Other Page

Hello, Im trying to change the URL from a post, for example, inside a post I’ve a Link to another post, but, I’m using Ghost as headless, just for retrieve data. The point here, I dont want to put the entire url of my website inside an anchor tag () from a post, I just want just put , but it sent me to the ghost admin page like: admin-ghost/post/post-name, instead of www.otherPage/post/post-name, how I can solve that?
Thanks for your comments and attention

Sounds like you’re clicking on the link while inside the editor, and because it’s a relative URL it’ll use the admin domain. This will be outputted fine on the headless site, just don’t click it inside the editor :slight_smile:

Yes but no, Im not inside the editor, is the post on my webpage, but it takes the url from ghost insead of my own website

Are you not copying it from your own website?