Link from the front end to the edit page


Is this possible (if I’m logged in as an admin) to edit more easily when seeing the post in the front-end?

eg if I’m reading and article on and I notice a typo, I’d want to have a single “edit” button that would redirect me to{{guid}}

I’d imagine an helper {{edit_post}} that

  • check if I’m an authenticated user
  • check if I have the right to edit the post
  • find the guid
    and generate the link

Does it exist already and I missed it?

What would be the process to contribute it?

Kind of! If you add /edit to the url, you’ll get redirected -

e.g. ->

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cool, it’s getting closer :wink:

and is there a way to easily see if the user if authenticated?

No, the front end is designed to be fully cacheable, in addition to the admin section being completely isolated

Ah! makes sense, especially that I will probably use gatsby for the definitive front-end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did check if a cookie was set on the normal front end, but it isn’t the case, ghost-admin-api-session is only there if under /ghost. It’s the kind of attention to details that you have (or that the framework you chose has) that impresses me!

Thanks for your super fast replies